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Si vous parlez français, vous apprécierez aussi ma page sur le Libéralisme, le vrai, qui n'est pas une traduction de cette page-ci.

The vocation of this site is to help you discover Liberty, a notion the name of which is oft spoken, but that is seldom understood.

For those who desire to learn, the ISIL has published a nice Introduction to the Philosophy of Liberty by Ken Schoolland and Lux Lucre. The Philosophy of Liberty, or Libertarianism, is a theory of Law [1]; it is an Ethics of Liberty and Responsibility; it is a cybernetics of Human Action; it is the only authentically subversive ideology.

Until I make these pages better, here are a few sites that I recommend:
The Gadsden flag: Don't tread on me.

A few articles of mine:

Here are a few drafts being written:

I wrote many articles for Wikipedia, and although other people occasionally modify them (often for the worse, IMNSHO), the following articles still had the same overall structure and main ideas that I put in them last time I checked (click on the History of the article, and check the latest version by Faré): Libertarianism, Anarcho-capitalism, Anarchism... I intend to transfer my versions of these articles to Liberpedia.

There are also more pointers at the end of my old french page on liberty.

Here are a few texts that I republish, written by other people:


[1]: A theory of Law tries to establish what ought to be considered legitimate and what ought to be considered illegitimate. The ultimate question of Law is the recourse to violence. Libertarianism considers as illegitimate the initiation of violence against other individuals.

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