The Church of Freedom

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The (hypothetical) Church of Freedom:
are you free to believe it?

I know that churches have substantial tax exemptions in France, the US, Japan, and various other countries.

In the name of freedom of thought, couldn't there be a Church of Tax Evasion? A Church that would allow those who believe that taxation is evil to be exempt from any tax? A Church that anyone could join, and that would spread the godsend miracle of prosperity to its members, should they religiously abide by the following divine rules of the Church:

Does such Church already exist? Is it possible at all? If it isn't, what prevents its creation? If it is, why don't we create it, join it, and selflessly donate all our riches to it?

Optionally, the Church would go by another name, and it will begin its activities with the kind of things that governments won't suspect, so as to receive the official seal of recognition (and tax-exemption).

Possible names: Church of the Holy (Property) Right, Church of (Economic) Freedom, Church of the Anti-Leviathan, etc. Possible saints: J. Locke, D. Hume, F. Bastiat, F.A. Hayek, A. Rand, etc.

Conclusion of the above gedankenexperiment:
Is Church really separated from State?

I've been told that the IRS and other national equivalents would take measures against people who "abuse their right" of being exempted from tax. Similarly, governments will gladly sue you, retroactively tax you, etc., without much recourse, whenever they think that there is a "hole" in the letter of the law.

Now, what does this mean? It means that government and its minions are both judge and party in such matters. They are the ones who judge if they have to abide by the law, or whether after all, they will ignore it. Of course, the ultimate sanction should they abuse this situation is for them to be overthrown. But then, this is no different with any despotic regime, and the same tricks of slowly accustomizing people to more tyranny will drive people to forget all their liberties.

All in all, through this administrative decision of tax exemption or not, government is deciding which acts of cult are legit, and which are not; it is effectively favoring some religions as opposed to others, some gurus as opposed to others (or lack thereof), some approaches of life as opposed to others, etc. In other words, differential tax exemption is but a subtle means by which church is kept in non-separation from State. In practice, we see that the State is using it to favor superstition over reason, just because traditional religions are very superstitious, and it has come to identify religions with this worst aspect of them (instead of the better aspects). Thus, government is effectively promoting ignorance and superstition through a subtle mechanism of state-funding of particular churches.

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