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This area is under permanent construction (well, 'til I die): Don't you ever hesitate to e-mail me any kind of feedback: ideas, corrections, suggestions or insults are welcome.

Unless stated otherwise, all included material that I've authored on this site is copyrighted by me, so I can publish it under the GNU GPL

In case the above paragraph was not clear enough to you, all the documents that I've written that are available on this site are unless otherwise stated published and republishable under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2 or later, at your option.

As an author, I have no desire to spend time approaching anyone to publish these contents: that would be the job of publishing agencies, if only they weren't in the pay of copyright monopolies. But since my articles are under the GPL, feel free to republish them as is or with properly annotated modifications. I do appreciate to be told about such republications and modifications.

The contents in English and in French are not translations one of the other, unless explicitly written so, but (mostly) independent material. Any help at translating them is welcome.

At some times, you may (or not) desire to encourage me (or someone else) to write an article on a given subject, or to modify, enhance or continue an article that already exists but is either unfinished or otherwise incomplete. At such times, consider contributing money, time, food, ideas, criticism, to me (or the other person) or to a project I (or the other person) like or participate into; you may also consider spreading the word to make my (or the other person's) writings become more demanded and helped by yet more persons. One nice way to show your appreciation is to send me cents worth via e-gold.com or paypal.com.

SAY **NO!** TO MS-WINDOWS I offer NO SUPPORT whatsoever to any product from Microsoft, as I protest against their racket, even though it may be legal and well-established (or not?).

Liberalism is NOT any kind of Capitalist Corporatism and opposes all privileges and monopolies (including but not limiting to those held by state). Beware to not confuse the liberal philosophy with the slogans of any party, as so-called "liberal" parties of various countries are actually too often far-right, conservative, socialist, or far-left parties in disguise. (Classical) liberalism is not an economic doctrine, but a theory of law.

Note that I have no moral objection against Microsoft as an Author or Editor of software (I do have lots of technical objections to what they have been authoring and editing, though). What I denounce is their practices as a Racketeering Publisher of software. Of course, they didn't invent the Software Publishing Racket; they are just better adapted than others to this villainous activity.

Besides I refuse to support not only Microsoft products, but also any proprietary software whatsoever.

This whole site is powered by free software only, most notably (in alphabetical order) Apache, GNU/Linux and XEmacs, and hopefully someday Tunes.

This site is best viewed with two eyes, and, most importantly, with a brain behind those eyes. Actually, one-eyed or blind people, AIs, and ETs are most welcome, too, and may understand this site better than two-eyed people can -- so after all, the brain, or an equivalent, is the most important concern. Still, it is fair to say that these welcome individuals won't "view" it better. In any case, you needn't get yet another web browser for this site: any browser will do.

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