Faré's Temporary Stuff

This directory is a temporary contender for files I wish to share, but cannot share freely.

These papers are available for review solely. I request that if you download them, you send me comments, or at least that you disclose your identity, since officially, I may not publish these articles to the world without the consent of my employer, but I may disclose it to you, specifically, for reviewing purposes, if only I can tell your name to my bosses.

See also my main web page (including the articles section) or the TUNES project's page for more of my writings...


contains my report on ASPIC'2000.


contains a few articles published by Joe Marshall (now jrm at content-integrity.com) during the LispOS discussions.


contains a preliminary version of my PhD thesis.

Faré -- François-René Rideau -- Уng-Vû Bân