Firewall-Piercing Tool Kit

This is the download area for my Firewall-Piercing Tool Kit, as documented in my Firewall Piercing mini-HOWTO.

Many people have experienced problems downloading cotty.c.gz; however, THE FILE SERVED IS CORRECT: with lynx, wget, w3m, or any sensible browser, you'll download it correctly. The problem really is with Netscape and Internet Explorer! Netscape 4 is so dumb as to save the compressed file as cotty.c; just rename it back to cotty.c.gz and gunzip it. IE 5 will delegate file handling to WinZip if installed, but WinZip is unable to handle a .gz file (it only actually knows .tar.gz) and will confuse the issue. If you're experiencing these problems, just you stop using these evil proprietary buggy bloated browsers!

In case you're not sure you have downloaded a file correctly, here are MD5 checksums of the files (obtained with md5sum), together with description of their contents: