François-René Rideau
Software Architect and Security Consultant
Distributed and Reflective Systems

Address: 40 Bristol Street, Apt. #1
Address: Cambridge MA 02141, USA
Phone: +1 617 595 2601
Born November 28th 1973 near Paris (France)
French national     Bachelor
Availability: not at this time
Mobility: throughout the world

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Work Experience

ITA Software, Software Engineer (ongoing)
Software Company in the Air Travel Industry (150 people back then, now over 400): hacker.
Work Areas: Maintenance of the QPX airfare search engine, then development the QRes airline reservation system: development and support of the build, test and release infrastructure, port to a newer Lisp implementation (SBCL), code security audit, object persistence through relational mapping, distributed data migration from legacy systems, managing interns.
CRPGL, Researcher (18 months)
Public Research Center (100 persons): architect, developer.
Work Areas: Web-based collaborative tools in Lisp. Linux-based services for Windows clients. Teaching Linux. Managing the software side of an academic conference.
Contract ended with Project.
IDEALX, Consultant (8 months)
Open Source Engineering Company (100 persons): architect, consultant, technical writer.
Work Areas: XML-based B2B infrastructure; real-time high-level language;
   electronic cash payment protocol; secure embedded terminals.
Contract not renewed due to the company’s financial difficulties.
summer 2000, Chief Technical Officer (3 months)
Internet startup for recruitment in the building industry (15 persons):
   Securing and rebuilding the information system.
Technological choices. Migration of servers toward Debian GNU/Linux. Configuring firewall & DMZ.
Supervising and training the new system administrator.
France Telecom, Research Engineer (36 months)
FT R&D department DTL/ASR (Architecture of Distributed Systems)
with Jean-Bernard Stefani (30 persons).
Research, development of prototypes, technological wake, technological transfer. System administration.
Taking part in european research projects and in the design of the next-generation IS for FT.

Technical Skills

Design & implementation of distributed software infrastructure for flexibility, robustness and security: kernel architecture, cryptography, compilers, transactional databases, persistent objects, real-time, memory allocation, QoS.
Unix (Linux, BSD, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX), Windows, MacOS.
Common Lisp, OCaml, Erlang, Smalltalk, FORTH, Scheme, C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, Shell, PL/SQL, Assembly (x86, 6502, ARM), BASIC, Prolog, etc.
Firewall, VPN, routing, TCP/IP, filesystems, DNS, SMTP, distributed programming.
Web Sites
Static and dynamic Internet/Intranet sites (HTTP, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Oracle, Lisp, XML, SSL, PKI, continuation-based/modal interfaces, transactional object stores...)
Electronic Document Management in Lisp, LaTeX, SGML, XML.
Formal logic proofs. Metaprogramming. Object-Oriented, Logic and Functional Programming. Extreme Programming. Design Patterns. UML. Development cycles. etc.
“Artificial Intelligence”
Search strategies and heuristics, declarative programming, inference engines. Reflective monitoring and metaprogramming. Basic statistical text analysis, fuzzy logic. Data compression techniques. Algorithmic complexity and its applications, notably to PAC-learning. Basic knowledge bases and data representation. Basic HCI and software usability.


PhD in Computer Science never completed from
École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications (Paris).
Thesis subject: the semantics of reflective systems, as applied to building distributed systems.
DEA d’Informatique at the ESSI (University of Nice).
[Equivalent to Masters in Computer Science]
Teacher in Mathematics in a high-school.
Student at the École Normale Supérieure (rue d’Ulm, Paris).
[Best school for scientific research in France]
Various university diplomas and titles from examinations and competitive examinations
in Mathematics and Computer Science.
Teaching assistant in Computer Science and Mathematics in introductory university-level classes.
High-school and university-level student at the Lycée Louis-Le-Grand (Paris).
Baccalauréat C (Maths) 1990.


Native French speaker.
Very fluent in English.
High-school level Spanish.
Beginner in Vietnamese and Japanese.
Writing a PhD thesis about (distributed) system architecture based on computational reflection.
Founded the TUNES project for a free reflective computing system.

Activity in the Free Software (Open Source) community: Contributed small utilities, bugfixes, documentation, ideas.
Wrote essays and spoke at conferences about technical and economical aspects of Free Software.

Author of libertarian essays, speaker at Libertarian International conferences. Spoke about the sciences and philosophy of information and liberty: formal logic, cybernetics, economics, praxeology, psycho-epistemology, etc. Or, how to make this world happier and wealthier through liberty and education, personal productivity and mutual understanding.

Music: singing jazz standards. Listening to classical music.
Sports: beginner at Karate, formerly practitioner of Aikido.