The Sharp Zaurus SL-C700

François-René Rideau

The C700 is a nice device that can make any hacker drool. Here is a list of pointers and remarks that I have collected between november 2002 and november 2003.

1 What is a SL-C700 ?

The SL-C700 is a swell machine — a tiny ARM-based PDA that has a great bright active matrix 640x480 VGA-resolution 16bpp color display, together with a QWERTY keyboard. All in all, it's exactly the hardware I was dreaming of in 1993, now made real. The problem is that the software doesn't quite fit my needs, and I've no time to hack it all. Also, the tiny fonts on the tiny screen are too much for my impaired vision, and the tiny keyboard doesn't fit my typing needs. So I am back to using my trusty old Jornada 820 instead.

2 Buying a SL-C700 outside Japan

Sharp sells its SL-C700 only in Japan, but you can import them from various people, who will also configure them in English for you.

3 Using Linux on the SL-C700

4 Community

5 More links

Random pointers to sort out: 1, 2

6 Tips

Latest news: I sold my Z to a friend who has got more time than I have to make the device usable. He lives happily with the Sharp ROM and additional stuff.

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