Faré's Ads

Work Offer Ad

I have lots of authoring projects where I'd appreciate collaboration: developing a new kind of OS, organizing new economical structures based on free information, writing novels, exploring AI, lots of stuff.

If you are interested in serious work about any of these, but lack ideas, I have tons to give to you.

Personal Ad

I am always looking for the sister soul, in view of a platonic relation (or maybe more, who knows?).

If you are interested in computer science, cognition, logic, philosophy, and/or ethics, that is to sum up, Cybernetics, and if you appreciate classical music, then you may be the one I am looking for. And if you like people who are interested in them, maybe you're also the one I am looking for. Please drop a mail, then.

Recycling Ad

I hate it when expensive resources are wasted away, just because people throw things away, instead of giving them to people to whom they may be useful.

Hence, I'm GIVING AWAY the following hardware, free of charge. These are available in Paris, or wherever you are if you pay shipping&handling.

Note that if you too have old hardware that you'd like to give away, there are collectors like Philippe Dubois who might accept it. Or I may store it home and add it to the current list.

I, too, accept some hardware: I'm used to taking parts away from broken or obsolete computers (mostly PCs), to recycle them into useful Linux boxen.

Hence, here is the stuff I give away, in case anyone is interested. The hardware is available in Paris, unless stated otherwise. I can ship it, but then I require you to pay shipping and handling beforehand. My preferred payment method is (e-gold (find a changer here; open a new account here), but I'm open to whatever method you propose, at your own risk (e.g. I've been sent bank notes by the post office in the past).

That's all, folks! In case you didn't guess, I also use this page as an inventory. Let's just hope I keep it up-to-date (no warranties made; contact me to see if a particular item is still available and reserve it).

Faré -- François-René Rideau -- Ðặng-Vũ Bân